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It’s time for Need for Speed 2015. I got finally the chance to play the latest game from the well-known franchise NFS. I spend a whole day playing this game, so I have a couple of things to share with you. NFS was a franchise that I through a lot of time when I was younger all the way back to Underground and Underground 2. This latest game is going back to his routes and this is why it is so special. You can see more recommended options of this category of games, but trust me when I say this is the best.

First of let’s start with the garage – the customization, as I am sure that lots of players are waiting for to find out. It’s pretty extensive since now you can personalize all your car in order to make it your dream car or simply a car with which you can win the game. The environment it’s interactive in a way that you circle around the car with the controller to get up close and personal with the parts that you are changing. And then you can draw out and check your car as a whole. I was pleasantly surprised by the customization, it is certainly deep and rich enough and the variety is more than enough to make some big changes to your car. The latest NFS game is actually giving you the chance to make a beautiful, but most important unique car. I am more than sure that are fans are thrilled by this feature. You can have up to six cars in your garage and the chance to personalize all of them, but you get the chance to ride with just one.

The simplicity of the user interface is maybe what I liked the most about this game since I was able to change the characteristics of the engine nice and simple without making any mistakes on the route. This is all I wanted for NFS game, in fact this is what I expected for a NFS game.

Now, from the garage to the high way – what’s this game like to handle and control? As I said I spend a whole day trying to figure out this game. I need to mention that I played it on a PlayStation.  I don’t play games that often on PlayStation, I am more a PC game guy, but it’s definitely better to play a racing car game on such device. Drifting isn’t easy in this game and it take time to master it. I had to spend quite time changing tires in order to find a good solution for me and my car to master the drifting. Even though it took me a while, I had the chance to discover the depth of customization of this game. If you are interested, you can always find more information on their forums.

As we all expected the variety of cars is great in this game. At first critics have stated that even so the variety of not enough for a 2015 game, but trust me it is because when you get a car and reach the garage and start to customize the car, you will see that you realize that you may not have enough time to get through with all cars. You can see it in action on youtube channel or you can have the guts and try it for yourself.

To not waste any more of your time, maybe your NFS time, I am going to say just one more thing: the latest NFS game is awesome and for sure it is a game that needs to be played. Ride safe!
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